The Compatibility Box

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Connect any device to almost any computer

- Attach any serial/centronics peripheral to IBM, Siemens, Unix, X.25, etc.
- Connection to a host system via a serial, IBM Coax 3270 or Twinax 5250 interface
- Unique configuration flexibility features
The Compatibility Box

The Compatibility Box (TCB) is a very extensive range of protocol converters which have been specially developed to connect all possible types of peripheral equipment to computer systems and even to connect computer systems to each other.

Host connections
The connection to the central computer facility can be either via a serial synchronous/asynchronous attachment, via IBM 3270 Coax or IBM 5250 Twinax cabling. This host connection determines which TCB series type should be used; for serial asynchronous/synchronous connections there is the TCB PIT series, for IBM 3270 coax connection there is the TCB CAT series and finally for IBM 5250 twinax connections there is the TCB TWX series.

Device connections
The peripheral connection can be made via asynchronous/synchronous RS232/V.24 interfaces, with optional V.11 or V.35 alternatives, while for printers there are versions available with parallel Centronics interfaces.

To handle protocol conversion, there are both menu selection and enhanced modes to assist with configuration. The TCB is configured with the help of a temporarily connected PC and a standard communication program. The "enhanced programming mode" offers a wealth of function modules, such as string and code conversions, fifo's, counters, timers, checksum generators, bypasses etc. These provide solutions to diverse connectivity problems, particularly in cases of divergence from a standard protocol.