Local Bridge
Proxy Server
Tailor made solutions
The Compatibility Box
Token Ring Local Bridge
The Local Bridge is especially designed to connect 'Ethernet only' devices to Token Ring or to migrate from Token Ring to Ethernet. Easy to install and friendly priced.

Proxy Server
Full remote control of your AS/400 across any TCP/IP network.

Tailor made Solutions
Favonian is specialized in offering tailor made connectivity solutions.

The Compatibility Box Family
Connect any device to almost any computer.
The TCB protocol converters translate nearly any (a)synchronous protocol to another protocol. Available interfaces are V.24, V.11, V.35, Centronics, COAX (3270), TWINAX (5250).

The Compatibility Box PIT-series
The protocol converters from the PCB-PIT family are intended to connect serial devices to the systems that support the IBM protocols like BSC, SNA 3770, SDLC/QLLC 3270, and HDLC etc. Also the IBM related Siemens protocols like MSV/LSV are supported.
Some models are uniquely designed to solve protocol related differences between two asynchronous devices.

The Compatibility Box CAT-series
The products from the TCB-CAT series are used to connect serial devices to the IBM 3270 coax interface. These serial devices range from terminals/printers to weighing scales or any other serial industrial device.

The Compatibility Box TWX-series
The TCB-TWX products connect any serial device to the IBM Twinax network, the same way as the TCB-CAT products interface with the 3270 environments.