Local Bridge

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Connects ‘Ethernet only’ devices to Token Ring
Token Ring - Ethernet
Local Bridge

- Easy to install
- Robust design
- Low cost
- Reliable

Local Bridge

The Local Bridge is designed to offer solutions for applications requiring topology conversion. Favonian has successfully managed to implement all needed functionality, carefully avoiding functions found in LAN bridges but not needed for bridges performing topology conversion. This has resulted in the low cost and easy to install Token Ring-Ethernet Local Bridge.

Wireless Lan integration
Most Wireless LAN Access Points only have Ethernet interfaces. The Local Bridge offers connectivity to Token Ring for these devices. Even if Token Ring Access Points are available, they are usually much more expensive. The Local Bridge will save money since it will connect up to 128 APs to Token Ring.
Wireless LAN integration

Ethernet peripherals to Token Ring
The Local Bridge connects peripherals with a fixed Ethernet connection, to Token Ring. This cost saving solution avoids equipping the host with another interface adapter, maintenance and expensive cabling, just to connect Ethernet only devices.
Ethernet perphirals to Token Ring