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Favonian's goal is to provide connectivity solutions in the field of data communication, where standard products fail to do so. Emphasizing on a long-term relationship with our customers Favonian is dedicated to fully serve its customers.

It all started 30 years ago when INCAA Datacom was founded. Demand for connectivity solutions for mainframes materialized in The Compatibility Box concept. This concept enabled all kind of non-IBM equipment to be connected to IBM hosts, converting protocols and adapting control data. Till today this concept, of course continuously upgraded to meet the demands of new environments, still offers the connectivity solutions sought for in a wide range of applications.

Throughout the years demand for connectivity to other than IBM related systems resulted in the design of the ECO Platform, offering connectivity to Unix systems, but also in networks and in the fields of industry and industrial automation.

When INCAA Datacom ceased to exist in 2000, Favonian took over the products, development rights and manufacturing with the intention to continue the same line of business and to focus on remote management solutions. In this last area a tremendous amount of expertise was gained in the past and as key personnel was taken over by Favonian, it also has become the spear point of Favonian.

Product range

As Favonian is dedicated to offer solutions not available with standard components, the ready to use product range is limited. The emphasis is focused on the development platforms used to build the solutions on. Nevertheless, standard products for connecting Ethernet devices to Token Ring, like Access Points, as used in wireless applications for warehouses and office automation and the Proxy server for remote management of Mainframes and AS/400 computer systems form a substantial part of our connectivity offering to our customers.

For non-standard connectivity solutions the platforms form the basis on which the solution will be built. The Compatibility Platform is used when connectivity to traditional mainframes (SNA 3270 and Twinax 5250) is required or when a traditional peripheral or computer (legacy system) is to be connected to a modern computer system.

The ECO platform forms our general purpose building brick to realize all kind of different solutions. This platform is most often used because of its flexibility to interface to all kinds networks and interfaces component needed for the required solution.

For solutions requiring speed and real time multitasking The TCP platform is used. Based on the Power PC processor and the OSE operating system this platform is ideally suited for the high end market in connectivity solutions.

Customer base

Due to the nature of our products the customer base contains many multinationals active in industry, networking, software development, petrochemical industry, banking, traffic control, airports and various other fields. Favonian’s products are used in these area’s for mainframe connectivity, alarm processing, remote management, POS connectivity, Air traffic control, printer connectivity and a wide range of other applications. For a description of some of these application we refer to the case studies.

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